Scarecrow Contest

Check out our 2015 Winners!

Scarecrow Contest

First Place

#12 ~ “Super Mario Brothers”
River Islands Technology Academy, Lathrop – 8th Grade Classes

Scarecrow Contest

Second Place

#22 ~ “The Incredibles”
California Virtual Academy, Lodi

Scarecrow Contest

Third Place

#33 ~ “Minion Power”
River Islands Technology Academy, Lathrop – Kindergarten Classes

Scarecrow Contest

Fourth Place

#18 ~ “Spiderman”
River Islands Technology Academy, Lathrop – 5th Grade Classes

Enter our 2016 Scarecrow Contest

2017 Application Coming Soon!

Please fill out the form below, or download the PDF here and fax it back to us!

Create a Traditional Scarecrow or Themed Scarecrow (Your favorite Children’s Book or Nursery Rhyme this year), there are many to choose from. The Traditional Scarecrow should reflect the type of Scarecrow that is found in farm fields. Themed Scarecrows and Scenes related to your favorite Children’s Book or Nursery Rhyme will receive an EXTRA $Cash$ BONUS for any Winning Scarecrow that places. Scarecrows may be made by an individual or a group. Use your imagination in creating a theme for your Scarecrows. Whether you choose a Traditional or a Themed Scarecrow of your favorite Children’s Book or Nursery Rhyme, the approach is up to you. Your Scarecrow can be funny or frightening. Be Creative!

PRIZES: Scarecrow Winners
First Place Award $ 300.00
Second Place Award $ 200.00
Third Place Award $ 150.00
Fourth Place Award $ 100.00

PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE: This contest is FREE to enter. All entry forms (SEE BELOW) must be faxed to (209) 879-7928 by August 31st 2016 or postmarked and mailed to Dell’Osso Family Farm at 26 W. Stewart Road by August 31, 2016 to guarantee placement. Late registration will be allowed on a case by case basis only if space allows. For late registrations please call Yvonne Sampson at 209 969-6048. THE CONTEST WILL BE LIMITED TO FIRST 50 ENTRIES.

JUDGING: Visitors to the Pumpkin Maze scarecrow ride will cast ballots handed out on the ride.

AWARD CEREMONY: Winners will be announced October 31, 2016. Participants need not be present to win!

LOCATION: Dell’Osso Family Farm, Lathrop California – Corn Maze location

Multiple entries per person or group will be permitted. All entries are subject to the limitations of space availability as well as the standards of display set by Dell’Osso Family Farm management.

All entrants must physically set up their own scarecrows on Saturday, September 24th, between 10am and 2pm. If entrants cannot bring their scarecrows on that day they must call Yvonne at 209 969-6048 to make special arrangements.
All entries must remain in the patch through October 31st, 2016. Entries must be picked up before Saturday, November 5th, 2016. If scarecrows are not picked up when scheduled, they may be thrown away.

Dell’Osso Farms will place a 4’ – 5’ high metal fence post in the ground for attaching the scarecrow. The builder of the scarecrow MUST provide a method for attaching their scarecrow to the post. A 2” diameter PVC pipe is STRONGLY recommended thru the middle of the scarecrow body or the back. This will facilitate the installation on the post to give both structure and stability to your scarecrow and its limbs. If using PVC is not conducive to your design then you MUST provide another way to attach your scarecrow to the post. Each scarecrow MUST be accompanied by a sign which includes the name of the applicant and other information about the entry that the applicant deems interesting. It is recommended that you identify (with a small tag) your scarecrow.

SIZE LIMITATIONS: All entries should fit within a 5 foot cubic area including all of its extension limbs, width or length. Please contact us before August 31, 2016 if your entry will exceed this space. Typically a taller entry is allowed. The entire structure of the exhibit is considered to be the dimension of the scarecrow entry – not the dimension of the actual scarecrow. All oversized entries will be in a pre-assigned location.

MATERIALS: As all scarecrow entries must remain outdoors until October 31st, 2016 and may be subject to severe wind and/or rain, their construction should be durable and all ornamentation securely attached. Carved pumpkins or other living materials that will not last the duration of the exhibition are discouraged. The ground surface will be dirt so dust will be a factor to consider as well as rain and wind.

MORE INFORMATION: Call Yvonne Sampson: 209-969-6048

Scarecrow Contest