Saturday, Sept. 29th

Attendees, humanoid or otherwise, are encouraged to wear costumes of their favorite character during the opening weekend of the Dell’Osso Family Farm, October Pumpkin Maze event! All cosplayers are encouraged to have fun, be fun, and dress fun! And if you’re going to dress up and show off your stuff at the farm, you may as well reserve a spot in our cosplay contest! So… break out your best Taako, Mario or Marty McFly, and get ready to strut through our gates in style! Please remember our event is family-friendly; any costumes deemed unsuitable due to nudity or potentially dangerous weaponry, including legitimately functioning laser-guns or any kind of melty acid, will not be permitted.

FREE ENTRY Application:

  1. FREE ENTRY applicants will be selected for entry for Saturday, Sept. 29th only. (250 maximum available)
  2. Please complete the form to the right and submit at least one photo of your costume showing the character you are portraying.
  3. All applicants will be notified within 72 hours via email confirming costume acceptance. That email will serve as your FREE ENTRY ticket for Sept 29th only.
  4. Dell’Osso Farm reserves the right to refuse entry when you arrive if you are not fully costumed or are dressed in a costume that is not deemed appropriate or similar to the photo you submitted.
  5. Upon entry at the event, your weapons will be safety checked.
  6. FREE ENTRY is valid only for the costumed guest. All family members and handlers not previously selected for FREE ENTRY (and fully costumed) will pay full price at the gate.
  7. If you also want to enter the Costume Contest check the appropriate box in the application on the right. You will be notified via email by Sept. 21st if you are chosen for the contest.

Cosplay on the Farm Costume Contest:

You will be chosen for the contest based upon the photo submitted with your FREE ENTRY application.  You must check the box on the form to the right if you are interested to enter the contest.  You will be notified by Sept. 21st if you are chosen as a contestant.

Contests are Saturday, Sept 29th.

1. There will be three contests.

2. Categories will include:

  • Individual 15 yrs. and under (at 12pm)
  • Individual 16 yrs. and over (at 2:30pm)
  • All ages and groups (at 4:30pm)

3. Prizes will be given for First, Second and Third place winners. Up to $300 for individual First Place winner.

4. Contestants will be required to check in 45 minutes before their scheduled contest.

Contestants can only enter in one category — Individual (you will be placed by age) or Group. Due to the unpredictable size of groups, a prize for each member cannot be guaranteed.

Additional details will be provided if you are chosen as a contestant.

Cosplay on the Farm – Basic Conduct Rules:

The following are the basic conduct rules.  Anyone who violates these rules may be asked to leave the farm.  Dell’Osso Farm has sole discretion on interpretation of the rules and may reject an attendee for any reason.

  • Upon entry at the event, your weapons will be safety checked. All weapons must be non-working and peace bonded. No functioning projectile weapons – including water pistols, silly-string guns, and ping-pong pistols, flash pots, explosive devices or similar special effects. Bladed weapons must be cased or sheathed at all times. No clowning around or showing off in the common areas. Any weapon used in an offensive manner will be confiscated. We expect you to use good judgment.
  • Any weapon that appears real will be taped or marked to indicate that it is a prop and not a real weapon.
  • Costumes, introductions, and actions must always be in good taste. No nudity, offensive language or unruly behavior is permitted. This is a family-friendly event!
  • No profanity or religious statements are allowed. That includes messages on signs or clothes.
  • Dell’Osso Farm will not be able to provide assistants. However, Dell’Osso will provide a tent for attendees to rest in for short periods of time.

Celebrity Guest Judge Sat. Sept. 29th

Must provide information for FREE COSPLAY PASS qualification below: