2018 Application - Exhibits/Arts & Crafts ~ Pumpkinmaze - Dell'Osso Family Farm. PLEASE FILL OUT COMPLETELY

  • Use of your own tent or trailer is permitted only with the approval of management and it must meet the California State Fire Marshall Codes. Your space fee is calculated by the number of 10x10 spaces you will need to fully accommodate your tent or trailer.
  • A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the vendor space is due upon signing agreement. The remaining balance is due 9/1/2018. An additional 20% late payment will be added to any balance after 9/1/2018. Balance not paid by 9/1/2018 will forfeit all exhibit space and monies paid. NO EXCEPTIONS. Returned checks will be charged $35.00 plus the original check amount. Contracts without deposits & signatures are considered unconfirmed & non-binding.
  • A CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE is required by Dell’Osso Farms, LLC: #1 CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE: Named exactly as stated: Certificate Holder: Dell’Osso Farms, LLC. Additional Insured: Rudy Dell’Osso; Ron Dell’Osso; Susan Dell’Osso; Judy Brooks; Rick Hedrick; Bob Hedrick; Paula Yroz; Dell’Osso Farms, LLC, its directors, affiliates, employees, Sponsors and all other entities and people associated with Dell’Osso Farms, LLC. NOTE: We will email a sample form for you to send to your insurance carrier. Advise your carrier that a Certificate of Insurance is required exactly as listed above. The sample form is also at INSURANCE DEADLINE – September, 1, 2018: We are required by law to show all vendors as fully insured. $175 will be assessed for your General Liability coverage if your insurance forms are not on file on or before September 1, 2018.
  • IMPORTANT: *Vendor applications are accepted on a first come basis depending upon availability and the item(s) you wish to sell. We limit similar items at the festival. We are looking for HANDCRAFTED ITEMS ONLY. Please upload a photo(s) of items you will be selling. (see below) *An itemized invoice will be emailed along with any required forms upon application approval. *Your space is not fully confirmed until full payment and all required forms are received. *Insufficient funds or a declined credit card will VOID this application and placement. *All applications will be reviewed and approved by the committee for vendor category placement.


Accepting Vendor Applications NOW
for the Pumpkin Maze 2018!

Handcrafted Items Only

Limited Space Available/Book NOW!

Download Details and Application Here: pdf application click here

or fill in and submit the on-line application.

Call Yvonne Sampson at 209-969-6048 or email at




  1. PAYMENTS: We accept all major credit cards. Make checks payable to: Dell’Osso Farms, LLC. A $35 charge is accessed for returned checks or declined credit cards. Full payment is due on or before September 1, 2018. An additional 20% late payment will be added to any balances not paid by that date. Balance not paid by September 1, 2018 will forfeit all exhibit space and monies paid.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. PERMITS: The vendor is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and licenses to operate and/or sell at Dell’Osso Farm, LLC. Proper permits, licenses and forms must be on display within the vendor’s space
  3. CALIFORNIA RESALE LICENSE: Vendors are responsible for including a copy of their CA Resale License number, this is a must and those who do not comply will not be able to setup at the event until the proper paperwork is filed.
  4. ADDITIONAL FEES: A charge of $175 will be assessed for General Liability insurance coverage on September 1, 2018 should the proper forms not be received into the Festival office. INSURANCE IS MANDATORY!
  5. YOUR LIABILITY: Vendor shall be solely responsible for any and all injuries to persons or damages of property or any other injury, claim, damage or loss of whatever nature, arising directly or indirectly from activities at Dell’Osso Farm. Vendor shall indemnify, save, and hold harmless the Event, Ron & Susan Dell’Osso, Dell’Osso Farms, LLC., it’s directors, affiliates, employees, sponsors and all other entities and people associated with Dell’Osso Farms, LLC. from and against all liability, loss, damages, claims, costs and expenses (including attorney fees) arising out of injury to person or damages to property or any other injury, claim, damage, loss, cost or expense arising from activities at the Festival nor liable for lost, damaged or stolen vendor property.
  6. REFUNDS AND CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations must be given in writing before the September 1, 2018 payment due date. There will be no refund if the space reservation is cancelled after September 1, 2018. Any amount over the 50% non-refundable deposit will be refunded by check within 30 days of notice. A transaction fee may be withheld regardless of the cancellation date. There will be no refunds for rain or other act, either man-made or natural.
  7. SECURITY DEPOSITS: Security Deposits are mandatory and fully refundable. It is held until after the event to ensure your space, rentals and event property is left in good condition. Deposits may be withheld at management’s discretion for, but not limited to; insurance coverage, failure to show, late arrival, early leaving, unauthorized sales, unattended space, damaged grounds and/or taking additional space. Otherwise, deposits will be returned to you within 30 days of the close of the event.
  8. FESTIVAL SECURITY: Festival ground security begins with September 29th thru Ocotober 31st. You are advised to secure your space with tarps/clamps or other coverings and/or take items you value out of your space. .  
  9. SETUP & BREAKDOWN: All vendors need to be completely set up and ready before 10am the day of their scheduled time at the farm. We will not be allowing vehicles onto the property after 10am each morning. If you have to restock your booth during the event, you will need to use a hand cart or other means of transporting items to booth.  Breakdown of your booth(s) is allowed on a predetermined time based on the time you have rented space on the farm. Anyone not in compliance will not have their security deposit refunded and may not be considered for future events, Booth MUST be staffed at all times.
  10. FULL INFORMATION PACKETS: Vendors who are PAID IN FULL will be mailed or emailed a packet approximately 3 weeks before the Event with authorization passes (2 Exhibitor passes per vendor, location maps, and full information. Please tell us if you want the packet held at the office or mailed to another address.
  11. CONFIRMED VENDORS: Vendors are not fully confirmed until all permits, payments and documents are received by Dell’Osso Farms, LLC. A vendor may not set up at the Festival until all criteria is met.
  12. VENDOR ACCEPTANCE AND PLACEMENT: Space cannot be guaranteed. However, applications received with required deposits and forms, will have priority. Only a limited number of vendors in any one category will be accepted. Decisions are based on, but not limited to booth appeal & available space. We reserve the right to refuse any vendor.
  13. ENFORSEMENT: Decisions made by Dell’Osso Farms, LLC, Ron & Susan Dell’Osso are final.
  14. PROMOTIONAL GIVEAWAY ITEMS: Hats, T-Shirts and all beverages (including water) are sold at the Festival. You may not give these items away. We recommend prior approval for promotional giveaway items.